DreamFactory 2.3 released, includes PHP 7, Cassandra, Redis

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DreamFactory 2.3 has shipped! This release includes major enhancements, including PHP 7 for faster performance, new APIs for Cassandra, Redis, and Memcached, and queued event scripts. Check out the release notes below and head on over to Bitnami or GitHub to get DreamFactory 2.3.

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Version 2.3 release notes:

  • Upgraded to PHP 7
    • DreamFactory 2.3 now runs PHP 7, which means that API calls are super fast. Stay tuned for an upcoming blog on the latest performance benchmarks.
  • API enhancements and bug fixes
    • Added Cassandra REST API. Simply enter your Cassandra host, port, and credentials and DreamFactory instantly provides REST API endpoints for Cassandra. Read more about Cassandra support here.
    • Added new 'Cache' service which provides REST endpoints for the local configured cache as well as Redis and Memcached. Useful for reading and writing key-value pairs to and from cache, particularly from server-side scripts. Read more about the new cache service here.
    • Added Microsoft Live OAuth2 option to DreamFactory's OAuth service.
    • Added 'doc' to every service listing (api/v2/system/service), replacing the optional relationship parameter.
    • Added 'is_base_64' option for retrieving file content, along with the properties of file services.
    • Fixed public path trailing slash usage on file storage services.
    • Fixed display of wrong disk name in local file service container config options.
    • Fixed stored procedure response wrapping issue.
    • Cleaned up the update schema handling to avoid sending unnecessary changes to the database.
  • Scripting enhancements and bug fixes
    • Added queueable option to both system event scripts (<service>.<resource>.<verb>.queued) and custom scripts. Queued scripts run after processing API requests.
    • Moved event script CRUD operations to 'api/v2/system/event_script'. 'api/v2/system/event' now only lists events (or only scriptable events when the 'scriptable' parameter is set to true).
    • Post-process scripts are now allowed to always run, even when processing throws an exception.
    • Pre-process scripts can now circumvent processing requests by directly returning a response.
    • Fixed scripting bug where the system failed to check a script file path.
    • Fixed Node.js remote calls issue when the URL contains a port number.

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