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When to Use REST vs. SOAP with Examples

REST vs. SOAP are two methods of exchanging data through web service APIs (application programming interfaces). They both have unique features that cater to specific use cases. While CIOs indicate that most of the APIs developed today are REST-based, SOAP remains a feasible option under certain circumstances. If you’re uncertain about which protocol to utilize …


by James E. • March 30, 2023


Self-Hosted, On-Premises, or Cloud — Which Deployment Model Is Best?

by Spencer Nguyen • March 29, 2023

API Management, Authentication, Data Sources, MySQL, REST, Services, Services

Creating a Microsoft SQL Server API in Less Than 5 minutes with DreamFactory

by Kevin McGahey • March 28, 2023

Software Architecture

Multi-Tenant vs. Single-Tenant Systems: Which Is the Optimal Choice?

by Spencer Nguyen • March 27, 2023


What is Idempotency?

by James E. • March 23, 2023

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System

How to Get Data Out of ERP Systems with APIs

by Spencer Nguyen • March 22, 2023

Dell Boomi

Best Boomi Alternatives

by Spencer Nguyen • March 21, 2023

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