API First Development | Why API-First Development Matters

API-first development prioritizes designing and building application programming interfaces (APIs) before any other components of the application. This approach ensures that APIs, which allow different software systems to communicate, are central to the development process. Essentially, the API-first approach recognizes that the consistency, reusability, and quality of your API ensures the following:  In this brief …


by Jeremy H • March 4, 2024

API Integration

What Is an API Integration?

by Jeremy H • February 13, 2024


gRPC vs. REST: Key Similarities and Differences

by Jeremy H • January 29, 2024

Microsoft SQL Server Category, REST API, REST API

Hand-Coding an API vs. Auto Generating an API | A Comparison

by Jeremy H • December 26, 2023

API Management

10 Best API Management Tools

by Jeremy H • December 11, 2023

Integration Platforms

Top 10 API Integration Platforms

by Jeremy H • December 5, 2023

Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, MySQL

MySQL vs MS SQL Server | Key Similarities and Differences

by Jeremy H • November 14, 2023

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