The Rise of the Front-End Developer Part II | Dreamfactory

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What is the DreamFactory Platform? In a nutshell it’s a pre-built, open source back-end that you can install on any cloud infrastructure (AWS, Azure, RackSpace, etc.) or in your own data center. Released under the Apache license, the DreamFactory is designed with the power, security, and flexibility to deploy a world-class mobile application. It includes a palette of secure services that you can access with REST (or SOAP) to fetch and return JSON (or XML) documents to your client app. You get a fully dedicated SQL database, standard BLOB storage, an external services interface, and highly configurable user management functions.

DreamFactory works with everything from lightweight CRUD applications to the most sophisticated enterprise mobile apps. And you still get to use your client-side technologies of choice -- whether HTML5 in the browser, hybrid, or native, it’s all good. There’s no need to master a brand new language or framework.

It’s a great time to be a front-end developer. And we’re super excited to be a part of a new wave of mobile technologies that enable front-end developers to build amazing apps without relying on a “roll your own” back-end approach.

If this sounds interesting, take DreamFactory for a spin by signing up for a free trial. After you sign up, check out our YouTube channel and developer documentation. You can also import some sample apps on our GitHub page to start learning how it all works.

Let us know what you think by messaging us on Twitter or reaching out to our support team. We’re here to help!

And stay tuned for future blog posts and screencasts that will dive into a lot more technical detail about how to build great mobile apps with the DreamFactory platform.

Happy coding!