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APIs are just as important for healthcare as any technical organisation.

Why Do Medical Institutions Need REST APIs?

REST APIs for the healthcare industry are emerging as a secure simple and modern way of accessing sensitive data. Medical institutions need to modernize IT infrastructure, make services and data more transparent, provide self-­‐service options for patients, and develop mobile applications. In some cases, they are developing REST API services for internal use. This can help with administration, infrastructure, scheduling, billing, prescriptions, insurance, and especially security of PII. There is a need for a low cost and flexible platform to provide these backend services all the while recognising their inherent compliance with HIPAA regulations.

Building REST APIs for the healthcare industry by hand is expensive and time consuming. There is no guarantee that the results will be reliable, scalable, or secure. For all of these reasons, the DreamFactory REST API platform is an excellent choice. DreamFactory makes it very easy to safely expose a database or services as a REST API for patient information, partner integration or mobile development. The platform is highly scalable, extremely reliable, and the security has been tested by hundreds of thousands of developers.

Example Use Cases:
– Patient Kiosks For A Medical Research Group
– National Access To Patient Data via Web Application
– Processing Insurance Claims
– A REST API to send medical photographs and videos in a safe and secure manner.

To read the detailed breakdown of each of these use cases and discover how DreamFactory can help facilitate HIPAA compliance read on here

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