Legacy Systems

The last two decades have experienced an overwhelming surge via the advent of newer technologies. With each year that passes by, newer upgrades are made to IT systems and legacy systems are becoming a disadvantage to businesses.  

Examples of Legacy Systems

There are still numerous kinds of legacy systems being used in different organizations today. Below are some examples of legacy systems:

  • Electronic microscopes that depend on the software of the Window 95 computers. 
  • Intel 286 systems that are used to operate sales terminals. 
  • Outdated computers that operate on MS-DOS to control manufacturing machines. 
  • Old Apple IIGS machine that is used to execute certain financial software
  • Voicemail systems that depend on hardware and software from the early 1990s. 

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Disadvantages of Legacy Systems

There are several disadvantages to consider when working with legacy systems. For example, data integration may be a challenge when working with an older system. Remote connectivity may also be hard to come by with a legacy system as well. Here are a few more critical factors to consider.

Security Risks + Data Breaches

One of the foremost disadvantages of legacy systems is the threat of security attacks, as well as breach of data. The reason IT systems often undergo constant updates is as a reaction to modern security threats. At DreamFactory, we employ dynamic solutions that are essential to the secure operation of any IT system. This is because after years of experience, we already understand that the necessary security of IT systems are almost unachievable with legacy systems. 

To begin with, legacy systems are challenged with the problem of constant updates. This is largely attributed to their rigid nature and large size. In addition, legacy systems experience major delays. Legacy systems prioritize the newest systems before updating their systems. DreamFactory has therefore employed the best experts that provide sustainable solutions to the vulnerability of legacy systems. 

DreamFactory effectively implement constant updates and patches to older systems. For any organization or business to thrive successfully, it is crucial to always eliminate every security threat factors. Data security has become highly essential in this rapidly advancing technological age. Let us handle your legacy system security problems.

Failure to Integrate with Modern Systems

Indeed, legacy systems do not qualify to integrate with the modern systems. The effect of this is that it hinders effective communication with B2B partners, associates and even the customers. Let us examine a scenario to evaluate the effect of this demerit of legacy systems. There could be times where a client will decide to share a file or document with an organization. This file(s) may be stored in a format that the legacy system just can not integrate and process. 

Without doubts, the implication of this is a negative impression from the client on the business. The client would definitely think the business is not flexible to modern innovations and changes. However, DreamFactory has been able to efficiently bridge the gap between legacy systems and modern systems. 

Furthermore, legacy systems have failed to integrate with modern systems simply because legacy systems techniques are not flexible to adopt changes. How can legacy systems integrate with modern systems when they only deal with bulk changes that are accompanied by long, rigid and stagnant business processes? During the industrial age, this was the norm. However, the world has quickly developed and there are constant evolutions in the IT world. DreamFactory has incorporated numerous lean models that will help your business to consistently adopt new developments. 

Utilize the most effective IT solutions to make sure you are no longer restricted from using modern apps. As business competition increases, DreamFactory works to ensure that the inability of legacy systems to integrate with modern systems no longer affects your business operations. 

IT Costs

The costs involved in the operation and management of legacy systems have been well studied. In our findings, we have conclusively discovered that the cost for legacy IT systems is relatively expensive. Our statistical findings demonstrate that an estimate of 60% to 80% of resources spent on the IT system of a business is dispensed on the maintenance of legacy systems. This means that increase in IT costs is one of the disadvantages of legacy systems

What exactly is the use of spending so many resources on a system that is in fact outdated? DreamFactory guarantees maximum utility for your money and reduce the unnecessary punctures in your organization’s finances.

Did you know you can generate a full-featured, documented, and secure REST API in minutes using DreamFactory? Sign up for our free 14 day hosted trial to learn how! Our guided tour will show you how to create an API using an example database provided to you as part of the trial!

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Benefits of Replacing Legacy Systems

To begin with, one of the most important benefits of replacing legacy systems is that it helps to resolve the looming threats associated with security vulnerabilities. When DreamFactory replaces your legacy systems, we replace your older system models will newer, higher and more secured system versions. 

In addition, the replacement of legacy systems resolves the challenge of integration. Since modern systems are largely unable to integrate with outdated systems, DreamFactory makes integration operations easier by introducing newer technologies for integrating data. Therefore, when DreamFactory replaces your legacy systems, you are better equipped to interact efficiently with your clients, customers B2B contacts, and even your staff. The end result of this is more productivity and an increase in the capacity to generate more revenue. 

Furthermore, we have earlier explained that legacy system eats up unnecessary financial resources in the IT budget. However, DreamFactory is delighted to replace your older legacy technologies in order to reduce your cost of IT maintenance. In the long run, the cost of maintaining legacy systems usually accumulates and becomes higher than the cost of simply replacing the hardware and software components. Cost-effectiveness is therefore one of the benefits of replacing legacy systems.

DreamFactory and Legacy Systems

When it comes to problems with legacy systems It may feel inconvenient and challenging to switch from a legacy system to a more modernized one. At DreamFactory, we are committed to the elimination of every IT problems that are hindering the effective operations of your business. We have the professionals, the tools, and the technical know-how. We look forward to working with you to improve your business IT systems and resolving every problem with legacy systems.