Modus Create welcomes DreamFactory in Romania

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One of the most important parts of building great software is listening to your users and the wider developer community. We're always excited to get the chance to go out into the community to learn more about what you all are working on.

Last week I got the chance to speak at the Javascript meetup in Cluj, Romania, hosted by Modus Create.  Speaking at the Modus hosted meetup was a great fit for the company, as DreamFactory and Modus Create have partnered to deliver some great demos and features. Our engineering team is working closely with Modus right now, to deliver some exciting new features for the DreamFactory platform. Getting to come back to Cluj to speak was a great fit for me personally, as I have a great love of Romania’s beautiful second city.

I attended on behalf of the DreamFactory team, giving a short talk on how automation can be leveraged to help smaller, leaner teams of developers scale and win against established technology players. As one of Romania’s tech hubs, Cluj delivered an audience with a wide range of experience. I enjoyed taking part in the debate around the value of automation in JavaScript development processes and hearing more about the range of tools recommended. With backend JavaScript developers being well represented at the event, most reported their primary experience with automation was in-house testing processes. We can’t wait to hear how they use DreamFactory, BuildBot and the other great tools we talked about.

A warm thank you to the Modus Create team for inviting me and to the Cluj JavaScript community for the lively discussion around the value of automation. We love any excuse to get out and mingle, so say hello in the comments if you know of a meetup or event that you would like to see us at. If you want to chat with the team online, head over to our community forums!