Mobile App Development with CORs and Pub/Sub

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JasonSykesThe ability to build apps from your desktop or local server is a huge plus for developers using their own debug tools, test suites, etc. With our latest Version 1.0.4 release, we now support these use cases plus the ability to run apps from outside of your DSP and still enjoy the flexibility of our REST API.

Simply log in to your DSP and click on the System Config menu item on the left hand side. On the System Config screen you’ll see the CORS Access options. Setting * will allow you to work from your desktop or anywhere. You may also use your localhost server, or another DSP or remote server you wish to have access to your data or service. Having the allowed verbs checkboxes enforces another layer of access control by locking down the entire DSP to use only the verbs checked for CORS. A future release will have CORS Access specifiable per application.

To use CORS without logging in, you’ll also have to allow for Guest Access, and create a Role for guest user access. This way you can limit any guest access to only database tables or services you see fit.

system config

If you’d like to pass authentication instead of having a guest role, consult our Swagger API docs here for the latest API call for logging in a user (see the /user/session POST request). That POST will return a session_id that you can pass as a new header called X-DreamFactory-Session-Token with all your future API requests. You will also need to include the API name you created with your application as X-DreamFactory-Application-Name if you haven’t already.

We’ve also added live data through a new publication / subscription framework.

We’re using Faye running on Node. Check here for the Faye documentation as well some good advice on security.

Need to see it working? Here’s a Plunker showing our Angular Todo Application using CORS and PubSub to talk to our demo server.

To see pub/sub working on it’s own, try this real time chat app on Plunker

Enjoy! And as always, if you have any questions, please contact us!