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It’s been a while since our last update, but while we’ve been AWOL, we most certainly haven’t been AFK. Here’s a brief summary of what we’ve been up to since the last update.

DreamFactory v6.0.0

  • Updated splash controller to return index file.
  • Installer scripts enhanced to install the new UI.
  • Unnecessary dependencies removed.
  • Composer files updated for better package management.
  • Added options to install or upgrade DreamFactory UI and version.
  • Implemented logic for UI installation and version upgrade.
  • Built new version of
  • Scripts updated for various OS types to streamline the installation process.
  • Removed outdated images and added new, relevant files.
  • Dependencies and file rebuilt to incorporate the latest changes.
  • Added apidoc dependency for improved API documentation.
  • Updated options positioning in scripts to avoid compatibility issues.

TL;DR: Enhanced UI installation and upgrade processes, removed unnecessary dependencies, updated installer scripts and documentation, rebuilt, added apidoc dependency, and streamlined installation for various OS types.

DreamFactory v6.1.0

  • Redirect to index page after creating first admin user
  • Pass ‘no’ by default for mongodb extension install 

DreamFactory v6.2.0 – The New UI Release! 

This refreshed Admin UI provides a seamless way to instantly generate APIs from all popular backend systems. We are continuously iterating upon this new design and would love community feedback. For any issues or improvement ideas, please file an issue on the new UI repo: Https://Github.Com/Dreamfactorysoftware/Df-Admin-Interface/Issues 

DreamFactory v6.2.1

  • Rebuilt the installer to enhance stability and performance 
  • Updated README to reflect UI changes
  • Added essential files to support the updated installer and documentation.

DreamFactory v6.3.0

  • Various bug fixes and improvements to the admin interface.
  • Updated API docs to include request body
  • Added no body option to API docs
  • Updated payload logic for improved data handling.
  • Added service definition capability.
  • Improved service definition and search functionality.
  • Various UI updates including light mode styling, dark mode styling, and saving dark mode preferences to the user’s browser.
  • Added error handling to user creation process.
  • Added refresh schema option.

TL;DR: Improved admin interface with various bug fixes, enhanced API documentation, updated payload logic, added service definition and search capabilities, refined UI with light and dark modes, added error handling for user creation, and included a refresh schema option.

That’s all for now folks! Rest assured though, we’ll be back soon with more updates to your favorite API Generation Platform, and maybe this time we’ll remember to write a blog about it too!

Of course, if you’d like to see the full changelog, its on our github page here: Https://Github.Com/Dreamfactorysoftware/Dreamfactory/Releases