Terence Bennett - September 12, 2023
Image showing DreamFactory AWS AMI

The digital landscape is always moving forward, and so is the way we manage our applications and services. We are proud to introduce something exceptional for our users: A brand-new DreamFactory Amazon Machine Image (AMI) launch.

What is DreamFactory’s AMI?

For those unacquainted, Amazon Machine Image (AMI) serves as a template embedded with a software configuration. It may include an operating system, application server, and applications. An instance, which is essentially a virtual server running in the cloud, can be launched from an AMI. DreamFactory’s new AMI provision allows users to harness this capability, providing a seamless and flexible environment for their applications.

Key Features of DreamFactory’s AMI

Automatically Generate REST APIs

Without the fuss of manual configurations, DreamFactory’s AMI can generate a comprehensive REST API. This spans across SQL, NoSQL, file storage, email, push notifications, and even custom-built REST and SOAP services. The live API documentation ensures developers can navigate and implement the API effortlessly.

De-risk and Secure Data Connections

Security is paramount, and DreamFactory’s AMI has got it covered. With an integrated user management system, all API calls and server-side scripts have runtime security. Additionally, the built-in admin portal facilitates user access management through RBAC, OAuth, LDAP, and Active Directory integrations.

Server-Side Scripting

Beyond basic functionalities, applications often require server-side logic. DreamFactory’s AMI facilitates server-side scripting supported by the V8 Javascript Engine, Node.js, PHP, and Python. It empowers developers to create and modify server-side scripts linked to any API request and response event.

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Generate a full-featured, documented, and secure REST API in minutes.

Generate a full-featured, documented, and secure REST API in minutes.

Generate your No Code REST API now

Benefits of DreamFactory’s New AMI Launch

Versatility and Scalability: DreamFactory’s AMI allows you to launch multiple instances from a single image, enabling scalability and flexibility to meet varying demands.

Cost-Effective: With the new AMI launch, users get a detailed breakdown of the software and infrastructure costs. This transparency ensures better budgeting and control over finances.

Connectivity: DreamFactory’s AMI comes with over 20 database connectors, ensuring that you can securely connect to any database swiftly.

Security: DreamFactory’s commitment to security is evident with features like API rate limiting, ensuring protection against malicious attacks and unwanted traffic.

Seamless Integration: The AMI is designed to run anywhere, whether on your preferred cloud provider or on-premises, offering unparalleled integration and adaptability.

Wrapping Up

DreamFactory’s new AMI launch is not just an upgrade; it offers a significantly more streamlined and efficient way for businesses and developers to interact with DreamFactory in the AWS cloud environment. With its enhanced features and the promise of top-tier performance, it sets the stage for a future where scalability, security, and efficiency are not just buzzwords but tangible realities.

If you would like to learn more or try out the AMI for yourself, here’s the link!

For custom pricing or any other queries related to DreamFactory’s AMI, reach out at [email protected].