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How to Create a MySQL REST API in Minutes

According to StackOverflow’s 2022 survey, 46% of professional developers rate MySQL as the most popular database to use in the workspace. As programmers, we should not be bothered with repeatedly writing code which is otherwise readily available, robust, and well-tested.  Yet this problem remains persistent in the REST API space, despite the implementation process being …


by Jason Gilmore • March 13, 2023

Database APIs

Transactions in Rest APIs

by Jason Gilmore • October 21, 2021


DreamFactory 4.9.0 Released

by Jason Gilmore • September 16, 2021

Database APIs, Security, Security

Securing a Multitenant Database API with DreamFactory

by Jason Gilmore • July 19, 2021

API Security, Security, Security

How DreamFactory Prevents SQL Injection Attacks

by Jason Gilmore • June 23, 2021

Release Notes

DreamFactory 4.8.0 Released

by Jason Gilmore • June 15, 2021


Upgrading Your DreamFactory Instance

by Jason Gilmore • June 2, 2021

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