Database APIs

What are REST endpoints that JOIN table data?

REST endpoints that join table data typically allow you to retrieve and combine information from multiple tables or data sources in a single API call. These endpoints enable complex queries and data aggregations, often using JOIN operations, to return a unified dataset, simplifying data retrieval and reducing the need for multiple requests and manual data …


by Jason Gilmore • September 26, 2023

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What is Loose Coupling in REST APIs?

by Jason Gilmore • August 22, 2023


Asynchronous APIs: What Are the Benefits?

by Jason Gilmore • August 21, 2023

Data Mesh

Easier Data Marts with DreamFactory Data Mesh

by Jason Gilmore • June 1, 2023


What is a Microapp: An Emerging Trend

by Jason Gilmore • April 25, 2023

Database APIs

Transactions in Rest APIs

by Jason Gilmore • October 21, 2021


DreamFactory 4.9.0 Released

by Jason Gilmore • September 16, 2021

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