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While many events are now returning to live venues, hybrid or virtual conferences will still be important in 2022. This is good news for many application developers, who don’t have to take time off to travel and can enjoy high-quality talks and workshops from the comfort of their own desks. Many 2022 events are still looking for expert speakers from various industries, so if you think you have something to offer the tech community, it’s always worth getting in touch with the organizers as early as possible.

Whether you run a virtual stall or simply attend and enjoy the events, virtual conferences are a great way to network and talk to others in your field. DreamFactory has brought together some of the best virtual conferences to attend in 2022, for developers and others wanting to stay ahead of the digital curve.

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1. API Conference

Price: Remote tickets from 377 euros when purchased before December 16, 2021.

Date: TBC

2022’s API Conference is being held jointly at The Hague Marriot Hotel in The Netherlands and online, allowing developers and tech professionals to join from wherever they are in the world and discuss the best API tools, strategies and more. Attendees should expect two days packed with expert speakers from software engineers to business process architecture consultants. The organizers have even provided a handy template to help you convince your boss to pay for your ticket! DreamFactory is keen to know more about this event, as we specialize in API generation and management. Talk to us about optimizing your APIs and find out what happens when DreamFactory gets involved with API-themed conferences.

2. Cisco Live 2022

Price: Online event is free to attend

Date: June 12 to 16 2022

Highlights from last year’s virtual Cisco Event are still available to watch online, for free. They plan to do the same for the highly anticipated 2022 event, although there are limited places available for the in-person event held in Las Vegas. The 2021 Cisco event covered a huge range of technology topics, including correlating and securing apps across the Cloud, Kubernetes and optimizing app performance. People hoping to attend in person can book tickets now but there’s no need to register for the online event at this time.

3. Infosecurity Europe

Price: TBC

Date: June 21 to 23 2022

This is one of the best virtual conferences to attend for anyone involved in or interested in cybersecurity. 2021’s Infosecurity event was purely digital and while registration for the 2022 event has not yet opened, it’s generally anticipated to be a hybrid event. The in-person event takes place at ExCel in London and the conference is one of the largest of its kind. Last year’s theme was “Resilience”, exploring how communities, industries and tech professionals deal with today’s cybersecurity challenges. There was also a focus on utilizing innovation to boost ROI, so DreamFactory is excited to see what the theme will be for the 2022 event. We can help you understand how to make your APIs secure and safer for your organization.

4. Gartner Tech Growth and Innovation Conference

Price: TBC

Date: July 12 to 13 2022

All developers and tech professionals can benefit from a wider understanding of the industry and what’s impacting current growth. The 2021 virtual event covered product management strategies, leveraging emerging technologies and reinventing strategies to deal with crises like the pandemic. Gartner events are always popular and it looks like they’re keeping the 2022 event virtual to allow as many people as possible to attend. This is in contrast to the vast majority of Gartner events which are back at conference centers with in-person attendees. Grow your business by consolidating your enterprise data sources and streamlining your development processes with DreamFactory’s ability to create instant APIs.

5. Developer Week

Price: $325 upwards but discounts available for students, government employees and groups

Date: February 2 to 9 2022

In early 2022, the Oaklands Convention Center hosts the world’s largest developer conference over 7 days. Guests also have the option to join virtually from February 7th, with last year’s online program boasting at least 30 virtual workshops and numerous events throughout the week. Topics run from AI and machine learning right through to IoT and connected hardware. Expect a focus on new developer technologies and competitions to create apps under pressure. The expo organizers are still accepting submissions for potential speakers or workshop facilitators.

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