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Knowing the best API conferences to attend makes it easier for you and your team to stay updated on the latest API trends. You can learn about the most recent developments in topics such as API security, management, limitations, and application deployment.

The following five API conferences stand out as some of the best options in the U.S. and around the world. Find at least one that sounds like a good fit for your needs and schedule reservations to ensure everyone who needs to learn more about APIs within your organization has a spot.

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Dates: February 2–9, 2022

Location: Oakland, CA

Virtual Option: Yes!

Start 2022 by learning cutting-edge API design strategies at DeveloperWeek. DeveloperWeek includes more than 15 conferences and training tracks, including the API & Microservices Conference. The event is advertised as the world’s largest developer conference and expo series, so you will certainly find interesting presentations to attend. Depending on your job’s duties, you might also consider attending presentations related to topics like:

  • Containers and Kubernetes
  • AL and machine learning
  • JavaScript
  • Blockchain development
  • Server management

For 2022, in-person workshops will take place on February 2. The conferences and expo will happen on February 3 and 4. If you don’t want to attend in person, you can participate in virtual workshops on February 7. The virtual conferences and expo take place on February 8 and 9.

Register for DeveloperWeek here.

Prepare for the DeveloperWeek by reading API Security Fundamentals: Everything You Need to Know.


Dates: July 27–28, 2022

Location: New York, NY

Virtual Option: Yes!

Apidays is an entire conference dedicated to APIs. Organizers haven’t released much information about the 2022 event in New York City, so check the website for a list of presentations and other events.

If the New York Apidays doesn’t fit your schedule, consider registering for the organization’s other 2022 events:

  • Helsinki – March 16 and 17
  • Singapore – April 20 and 21
  • India – May 11 and 12
  • Hong Kong – August 24 and 25
  • Australia – September 21 and 22

All of these count as some of the best API conferences to attend, so find the one that works well for you.

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API Conference

Dates: April 4–6, 2022

Location: The Hague, the Netherlands

Virtual Option: Yes!

The Hague API Conference will have presentations focused on Web APIs, API design, and API management. During the three-day conference, experts will deliver more than 25 sessions, workshops, and keynotes. Two days of workshops will provide hands-on tutorials that help you apply theory to experience.

The Hague API Conference will take place in-person and online, so you can attend from anywhere to keep costs down and avoid potential COVID-19 challenges that might still exist in April.

Gartner Application Innovation & Business Solutions Summit

Dates: May 2–4, 2022

Location: Orlando, FL

Virtual Option: Uncertain

Gartner Application Innovation & Business Solutions Summit hasn’t released its 2022 agenda, yet. In 2021, the annual conference had five tracks:

  • Leadership Strategies for the Future of Business Solutions
  • Architectural Models and Tools Supporting Your Composable Applications
  • Software Engineering and Integration Tactics in the Age of Agility
  • Artificial Intelligence and Other Transformative Technologies
  • Delivering Next-Generation Total Experience

In other words, you can expect to follow any number of tracks that apply to your specific job.

Gartner hasn’t released information about virtual attendance. Check the conference’s website to see whether the company adds a virtual option. If you know you want to go to the conference instead of attending online, you can register at the Gartner site.

MIT Sloan Virtual Tech Conference

Dates: Check website for updates

Location: Online

Virtual Option: Yes!

Each year, the MIT Sloan Virtual Tech Conference brings together some of the most successful minds in technology to share their insights with other industry professionals. MIT hasn’t officially set the 2022 dates for its virtual tech conference, but it usually takes place near the end of March.

The 2021 event included presentations from:

  • Ashish Bansal, Director of Recommendation Systems at Twitch
  • Jeremy Bivaud, Product Manager at Intel
  • Cathy Hackl, CEO at Futures Intelligence Group
  • Meghan Laffey, Chief Product & Experience Officer at Strava

It’s uncertain whether the 2022 MIT Sloan Virtual Tech Conference will include presentations specifically about APIs. Regardless, it always has something interesting to offer tech-minded professionals eager to learn new things.

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