What is Serverless Computing?

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Serverless Computing

During the last few years, a new paradigm of computing started to get the attention of developers - serverless computing. In serverless computing, developers squarely focus on the code and not on the underlying infrastructure.  Developers write code snippets in their favorite language and directly upload them to a serverless computing platform for execution. Multiple code snippets or functions are logically connected to form a complex application. Since the platform deals with one function at a time, and functions are the fundamental deployment units, this model is often called as Functions as a Service (FaaS).

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When targeting FaaS, developers don’t think of a whole application. They only write, test, and deploy one function at a time. These are then assembled together to deliver a unique feature or functionality of an application. So, a function is to FaaS what a VM is to IaaS.There are three critical attributes to a serverless platform... (read more).