Use Case - DreamFactory helps power a large GIS website

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There are many diverse organizations around the world leveraging the power of DreamFactory’s open source REST API to tackle some really cool projects. One government organization in Southeast Asia is using our REST API to power their Geographic Information System (GIS) website.

It may not seem like an important project, however, this organization is now providing access to geospatial information on everything developers need to know about what is going on, where in their country.

It would have been a giant undertaking for this team to build the APIs without taking advantage of DreamFactory. Now they are using PostGIS as their database backend. After finding a tool that would help them add location services to their website, they needed to find a resource that also ran on SQL. DreamFactory is clustered and hosted on Amazon EC2 instances with Amazon RDS (MySQL) backend.

Now that they had a way to build their API, they needed to figure out a quick and easy way to integrate all of the tools they were using on their website. They had been using v1.9.x previously, but they upgraded when DreamFactory released the API management feature. This allowed them to rate, limit, and manage incoming API requests.

By making this upgrade, their website is now able to handle 60,000 requests per minute using DreamFactory.

Not only does their API help with GIS, but it also provides location based services. So, if somebody is interested in what the property values are like in another town, they can easily do that right from the website.

The biggest impact this API has been able to make, is that it allows developers to see any kind of data they can think of to search. The amount of data developers now have at their fingertips is something that is completely new to the region.

Today, the website is a one stop resource for anybody that needs information on a specific area of land.  It can now be used for any query from learning what property values in a specific area are, to bus routes to population information. Developers can let their imaginations run wild by using their own data sets and combining them with the data that this API provides.