Thrilled to Announce DreamFactory's New G2 Category: Revolutionizing APIs!

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New G2 Category: API Generation

G2’s new API generation category is revolutionizing the world of API development. In this article, we explore the significance of the category, the benefits of DreamFactory's API generation solutions, and what this means for business.

Key Takeaways:

  • G2 emphasizes API generation's rising significance
  • Platform: time-saving, seamless integrations, security, scalability
  • G2's API category helps evaluate, compare solutions effectively
  • Users urged to share DreamFactory experiences on G2
  • Company focuses on innovation, leading API generation space

What is DreamFactory?

DreamFactory is a company that specializes in providing API generation and management services. They have established a strong reputation in the field of Data Engineering & Analytics. Their on-premise no-code API platform is the fastest way to build internal REST services. It was designed to help businesses of all industries create custom APIs with exceptional ease and efficiency, allowing them to fully leverage the potential of their data.

What is G2?

In today's digital landscape, G2 is an indispensable resource for businesses searching for the best Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions. The platform offers unbiased, user-driven insights into various software products, guiding decision-makers toward informed choices that drive organizational growth.

The New G2 Category: API Generation

API Generation is the automatic creation of Application Programming Interfaces (API) based on the exisitng database schema and stored procedures. An API is a set of protocols and rules that allow different software applications to communicate and exchange data with each other. With API Generation, you can create APIs without writing code manually, making the process faster and more efficient.

A Word From Terence Bennett

“G2’s decision to create a new category dedicated to API generation is an exhilarating milestone for DreamFactory. This recognition not only validates our hard work and innovation as leader in this category, but also demonstrates the growing importance of API generation in the broader SaaS ecosystem.” - Terence Bennet, GM at DreamFactory.

Overview of the API Generation category

The API Generation category on G2 acknowledges the increasing demand for agile, efficient, and secure solutions that facilitate seamless data communication between diverse systems. This category will house a range of products and services designed to generate, manage, and deploy APIs for various use cases and industries.

Why it is essential for the future of technology 

In an ever-evolving digital landscape, APIs have become crucial connectors enabling disparate software systems integration. The API Generation category recognizes this integral role and gives businesses a dedicated space to identify and evaluate the solutions that best meet their unique API requirements.

Organizations at different stages of their technology journey, from Fortune 100 companies to public sector institutions, can benefit greatly from API Generation. It is a powerful tool that enables the connection of systems not originally designed for integration. With API Generation, organizations can transform large, legacy, monolithic systems into microservices and enable nimble start-ups to integrate Snowflake into their products quickly.

API generation is essential for the SaaS ecosystem as it enables seamless integration and communication between different software applications. This allows for enhanced collaboration, streamlines workflows, and drives innovation, ultimately enhancing the value and efficiency of software solutions for both developers and end-users.

DreamFactory's role in shaping the category

As a pioneer in API generation, DreamFactory has been instrumental in driving innovation and establishing industry best practices. Our platform's features, flexibility, and scalability have contributed significantly to the development of this new G2 category.

Benefits of DreamFactory's API Generation Solutions

DreamFactory is a powerful API generation platform allowing businesses to swiftly create and deploy APIs. The platform supports seamless integrations with various data sources, ensuring compatibility with existing software infrastructure. Enhanced security features, such as robust access control and encryption, protect sensitive data and maintain compliance.

Time-saving capabilities

DreamFactory's platform eliminates the need for manual coding, allowing businesses to generate and deploy APIs with unmatched speed. Our automated tool streamlines the entire process from API generation to live documentation, reducing the time and resources required to create, test, and launch high-quality APIs.

Seamless integrations

Our API generation solutions support many data sources, including databases, file storage systems, and third-party APIs. From 1970s IBM Mainframes to Snowflake, DreamFactory securely connects you to any database in seconds. This versatility ensures that businesses can effortlessly integrate their APIs with existing software infrastructure, enhancing productivity and fostering innovation.

Enhanced security features

At DreamFactory, we prioritize data security. Our platform incorporates robust access control and encryption mechanisms, safeguarding sensitive data while ensuring compliance with industry regulations and standards. In addition, you can protect your data against malicious attacks through API rate limiting. You can centrally manage and specify API rate limits at the instance, role, user, and endpoint level. Each DreamFactory instance is governed by API limits and automatically throttles API calls at runtime. 

Scalability for businesses of all sizes

DreamFactory's API generation solutions cater to organizations across the spectrum, from startups to large enterprises. All APIs are customizable. Add business logic to your APIs to suit any business requirement. Supporting four scripting engines (NodeJS, PHP, Python, and V8JS), custom logic can be used to validate input parameters, transform responses, and call other APIs, allowing businesses to scale their API infrastructure seamlessly.


How does the API Generation category differ from existing categories?

Unlike other G2 categories that focus on specific software functionalities or industry verticals, the API Generation category is dedicated exclusively to products and services, enabling businesses to create, manage, and deploy APIs easily and efficiently.

How do I get started?

To get started, simply sign up for the Free Hosted Edition. Once you’ve signed up, you can create as many DreamFactory instances as you need. Each instance is a complete backend that you can administer from our Admin Console. You can create applications and administer users, roles, services, files, and schema. You can also import and export applications between instances (for example, between Dev, QA, and Production). When you’re ready, you can install DreamFactory on any server of your choice and securely develop, deploy, and manage your mobile applications.

Can I run DreamFactory on my own servers?

Yes, you can install DreamFactory in the cloud or on-premises. You can also run DreamFactory on your local desktop for evaluation and development work. 


We are immensely grateful to G2 and our users for the recognition and support that has led to the creation of the API Generation category. This milestone reflects the dedication, innovation, and hard work that has been the cornerstone of DreamFactory's success.

As a leading player in the API generation space, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of what's possible. We will continue to invest in research, development, and improvement of our platform to ensure that DreamFactory remains the go-to solution for businesses seeking to unlock the full potential of their data.

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