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Don’t let automation, IoT, and all the other buzzwords fool you. APIs, and more specifically API management, are poised to be the next big growth factor in the digital era. Between 2016 and the start of 2020, the Postman Collections — a tool some developers use to group their API requests — experienced massive growth, from a little under half a million to nearly 35 million requests as of last year.

This explosive growth in API usage just from this one source goes to show that APIs represent the next big wave in modern enterprise. After all, they’re used to connect web services, transport data, and handle countless other critical business tasks. There is simply no denying the value of APIs, whether connecting back-end services or for front-end functionality. For certain, the difficulty companies and developers are facing is not whether APIs are the right solution, but rather how they can effectively and efficiently manage all of the APIs they will inevitably continue using.

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What is API Management?

Whether using custom-built APIs for internal systems or tapping into the power of one of the tens of thousands of public APIs made available by various services, enterprises have a lot of APIs to keep an eye on.

With an understanding of how complex and cluttered workflows can become with so many APIs tying information in and out, API management services began to spring up some years ago. In the past few years, platforms have come a long way. Now, Gartner reports the annual revenue of the API management market is set to surpass $1.97 billion.

DreamFactory‘s API management aids an enterprise in its ability to design, publish, document, and analyze all of its APIs, enabling it to do so in a secure, reliable, and fast environment. With an API management solution like DreamFactory, organizations can improve public and internal API availability and security. 

Features of API Management Platforms

API management solutions come in many flavors, but they all generally offer the following core features.

Design: With an API management solution, you can design, publish, and deploy APIs with ease. While you’re at it, you can record security policies, create descriptions, write documentation, set usage limits, define runtime capabilities, and more, ensuring that relevant information is only a click away for all of your company’s APIs.

Gateway: The right management solution will also double as an API gateway, meaning it will act as your APIs’ gatekeeper. In doing so, it will enforce the right security policies for all of your APIs and requests associated with them. The software will also ensure better security through proper authentication. 

Storage: API management will enable you to store or catalog your APIs conveniently, allowing you to expose them to internal or external stakeholders on an as-needed basis. You can also turn the catalog into a marketplace for your company’s APIs and enable monetization, allowing users to subscribe to an API, get support using it, and more.

Analytics: Reporting and analytics tools are both critical and practical, so it makes sense for an API management solution to bundle them in. The right platform will enable you to monitor usage, load, logs, historical metrics, and other data for all of your APIs. It should also track uptime and notify you of errors. 

DreamFactory provides all of these features, and more. Start your free trial today and see for yourself the difference robust API management will make.

The Benefits of API Management

An API management solution like DreamFactory will help empower your developers to work more efficiently and effectively. Not only will you get more out of your APIs, but your teams will save time tracking down errors or monitoring status. With the right API management solution, you’ll enjoy all of the following benefits.

  • Enjoy a frictionless development environment that’s intuitive and user-friendly, helping your team design APIs, endpoints, and connectors with ease. Composing complex integration flows has never been simpler.
  • Catalog all of your company’s assets, including APIs, templates, and connectors, for easy access. Set permissions to make assets public or private using the access control tools. 
  • Use the handy web-based developer portal to administer all aspects of DreamFactory’s API management solution, whether on-premises or cloud-native. You can manage users, traffic, SLAs, integration flows, and more for all of your APIs with a few clicks.
  • Real-time integration and orchestration come to life with DreamFactory’s powerful data and application tools. Use the tools in the way that works best for you, with the deployment option that best fits your business’ needs.
  • Enjoy enterprise-level security, availability, scalability, and reliability with DreamFactory’s advanced suite of runtime services. Quick, uninterrupted connectivity is the new standard with DreamFactory. 

Looking for other benefits? From seamlessly combining databases to full life-cycle API management, DreamFactory provides you with a backend admin console where you can confidently and effortlessly take care of all your API ecosystem needs.

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Gain Comprehensive Control of Your APIs

Managing your company’s APIs, connectors, and integration flows will no longer be met with hurdles, roadblocks, or unnecessary complexity. Let DreamFactory take your API management strategy to the next level and ensure the visibility, speed, and analytics your company requires while you take advantage of flexible pricing.

Start your free DreamFactory trial today and see how our API management platform can upgrade your enterprise. Register now. 

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