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Creating a Geofence API Using the Haversine Formula, PHP, and DreamFactory's Scripted API Services

As a followup to the recently published post, learn how to create a geofence API using the Haversine equation and a DreamFactory PHP Scripted Service API.


by Jason Gilmore • March 18, 2019

web services, Integrations, Scripting

Creating a Geocoder Service Using DreamFactory and the Google Maps Geocoding API

by Jason Gilmore • December 13, 2018

Source Control, DreamFactory, GitHub, Event Scripting, Scripting

DreamFactory and GitHub - Event Scripting Bliss

by Terence Bennett • December 11, 2018

Services, Twitter, DreamFactory, Integration, Message broker, PHP, Integrations, Scripting

Extend Your Twitter Integration With Third-Party Libraries

by Terence Bennett • December 4, 2018

Services, JavaScript, Related Records, Event Scripting, Filter, V8js, Scripting

Using Event Scripts to Filter Related Data

by Terence Bennett • July 6, 2018

Services, Social Links Menu, Event Scripting, API Limits, Scripting

Get Notified with Event Limit Triggers

by Spencer Nguyen • July 6, 2018

Services, SQL, REST, Swagger, DreamFactory, API Automation, Data Sources, API Design, API Management, SOAP, Database, API, Scripting

DreamFactory Cache Supports Redis, Memcached, and local storage

by Terence Bennett • July 6, 2018