ESB vs Microservices: Understanding Key Differences

The Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) has reigned for more than a decade as the preferred method for connecting monolithic business applications. However, with digital transformation and cloud-services rising to the forefront – forethinking enterprises are racing to achieve greater agility by (1) breaking up monolithic applications into “microservices” and (2) loosely connecting them to establish a “pluggable,” service-based infrastructure.

While ESBs continue to play a vital role in connecting monolithic business applications and supporting enterprise IT infrastructures, the microservices movement is fundamentally changing the way enterprises manage their tech resources. 

At the same time, the term “microservices” is often mischaracterized. And that’s why we wrote this guide: To explain ESB vs. microservices in simple terms that anyone can understand.

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Microservices Webinar Recap

On July 19th DreamFactory hosted another expert panel discussion, this time addressing the topic of microservices. The panel brought to the table two thought leaders and industry experts — Kin Lane, the API Evangelist, and our friend, Analyst, Architect, Adviser, and frequent Forbes contributor Janakiram MSV, whom we couldn’t get enough of following the IoT panel discussion.The discussion, moderated by VP of Product Ben Busse, took aim at the subject of designing web-scale workloads with microservices.

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