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7 Simple REST Client Examples for Retrieving API Data | Dreamfactory

Learn how to send GET requests to a REST API using popular languages including NodeJS, Python, Ruby, PHP, and Perl.


by Terence Bennett • July 22, 2024

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API Cost Calculator: How Much Does it Cost to Build an API?

by Kevin McGahey • May 28, 2024

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Creating a Microsoft SQL Server API in Less Than 5 minutes with DreamFactory

by Kevin McGahey • February 19, 2024

API Management, DreamFactory, API Management, API

The Best On-Premises API Management Software

by Terence Bennett • January 9, 2024

Services, REST, DreamFactory, API Design, API Management

What is Loose Coupling in REST APIs?

by Jason Gilmore • August 22, 2023

API Management

5 Best API Management Solutions | Dreamfactory

by Terence Bennett • April 27, 2020

Digital Transformation, Uncategorized, API Automation, API Integration, API Design, API Management, Database

Why Fortune 500 companies are re-building their API integrations

by James Crennan • August 7, 2019