Synchronizing Database Data Using an API

Synchronizing database data using an API is a topic that comes up repeatedly in conversations with DreamFactory users. The reasons for doing so are many, but perhaps the most commonplace is the need to fill in data gaps found in a new database. For instance, you might wish to periodically consult a customer database and synchronize relevant data with a marketing campaign database. So how might this be accomplished?

This sort of task is surprisingly easy to accomplish via DreamFactory’s scripting interface. DreamFactory supports four scripting languages, including PHP, Python, NodeJS, and JavaScript. We’ve recently updated our popular Getting Started with DreamFactory guide to include an illustrative example explaining how this is accomplished:

Read “Synchronizing Data Between Two Databases“.

Also of related interest, we recently published a new section in the Salesforce chapter explaining how to synchronize data between Salesforce and a MySQL database.

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