Rakuten RapidAPI and DreamFactory Partner Up On Open API Adoption

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Rakuten RapidAPI and DreamFactory partner up on open API adoption

We’re excited to announce that Rakuten RapidAPI, the world’s largest API marketplace is teaming up with DreamFactory, the fastest API creation and management platform. Our goal is to help our developer users streamline API development, usage and distribution.

Rakuten RapidAPI and DreamFactory tools and services will allow developers to seamlessly create swagger format APIs, easily monetize and consume public APIs, and launch new services quickly and securely.

RapidAPI and DreamFactory

Today, Rakuten RapidAPI is the world’s largest API Marketplace with over 10,000 APIs. Our mission is to help developers and enterprises alike reduce engineering time, cost and effort through the power of public APIs. With such a comprehensive catalog, we’ve got something for any use case, all accessible from a single platform.

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We’ve also just hit our 1MN users milestone! For API Providers, this means access to a global user base on day 1. Our built in toolset lets you configure and set pricing for your API. We manage billing and collections, and pay out your share.

DreamFactory API-as-a-Service offering helps startups to enterprises create Swagger 2.0 documented APIs with streamlined management features and military grade security. Today, DreamFactory hypercharges app development and digital transformation efforts for 400,000 developers- from startups to Global 2000 companies.

Here’s what DreamFactory CEO James Crennan had to say about this partnership.

“DreamFactory’s extensive open source community spans single developer startups to companies such as Nike and Walmart. A partnership with Rakuten RapidAPI helps our community build innovative products powered by best-in-class APIs. Similarly, we see Rakuten RapidAPI as a valuable channel for any of our clients are seeking to monetise their APIs.”

Why we’re teaming up

Rakuten RapidAPI and DreamFactory products are both built with standardised interfaces and integrations as in mind improve developer experience. As both the amount of software and their underlying complexity increase, developers have to manage multiple tools, services, and integrations.

The Rakuten RapidAPI API Marketplace goes beyond aggregating APIs. Our standard API portal includes built-in tooling for API configuration, endpoint testing, service subscriptions, and code snippet in 11 programming languages. This means developers no longer have to juggle multiple accounts, navigate multitudes of developer portals, or monitor API performance from multiple dashboards. This makes us the only platform you need to find, test, and connect to public APIs.

RapidAPI and DreamFactory

Experts from Gartner and Forrester consistently point out that API creation is the single largest burden for development efforts. It’s hard to keep to a completion schedule, they’re subject to wildly different code standards, and introduce ‘key man risks’ through purposefully difficult code that stifles on-boarding. As a result, internally built APIs end up being minimally reused, resulting in duplicated code that requires ongoing maintenance. At the same time, APIs are vital to enabling modern, digital applications. That’s why DreamFactory set out to fix today’s broken API creation efforts.

DreamFactory’s Swagger documentation provides a standardized URL structure to every database, meaning the way you call information through an API for SQL Server is the same as for MongoDB. DreamFactory also offers a standardized method of managing your portfolio of APIs from a central point - bringing sanity, control and giving back productivity. Here’s what their standard Swagger documentation looks like across any DB.

Need a standardized API in a flash? Reach out to the DreamFactory team to find out how they can help you build it in less than 30 seconds.

About Rakuten RapidAPI

RapidAPI and DreamFactory

Rakuten RapidAPI is the world’s largest API marketplace with over 8,000 APIs used by 500,000 developers around the world.

Our platform helps software developers and enterprise engineering teams seamlessly test and integrate open APIs for their applications, saving them previous engineering time, effort and cost. Companies like Microsoft, Sendgrid, and Crunchbase are already our valued partners.

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About DreamFactory

RapidAPI and DreamFactory

DreamFactory is the fastest API management solution on the market, allowing users to generate standardised, secure and fully documented APIs in under a minute. We satisfy an open source community of over 400,000 as well as serving commercial clients in Fortune 500 companies.

Our platform allows developers to rapidly integrate any number of data sources through single or multiple APIs, saving development time and streamlining application development.