Preparing for GIDS

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International trips can be a big hassle. Just think about the amount of prep you must go through before you leave: tickets, Visa, demo prep, booth prep, making sure the wife and kids are going to be comfortable, and finally, if your trip is actually heading back to your original home (like I am, to India), you need to think of what to buy for the people back home. God forbid you forgot a trinket for your grandmother! 


Despite all the logistical hassles, there’s still an overwhelming feeling of excitement. Excitement that we are going to meet our users, the thrill of learning something that we have never thought about before. This excitement underlies my trip to the Great Indian Developer Summit. With over 40,000 attendees, it’s the biggest event in the world dedicated to software developers. And as many of you know, there’s a lot innovation going on in India. It has moved way beyond being just a relatively low-cost region for software development. The sheer volume of technical talent, expertise, and energy makes India a hot bed for new ideas, companies, approaches, and solutions. 

With me, I have a couple of class acts evangelists - Bryan Stewart and Brian Fialho. Together, we are prepped to bring something revolutionary to the world of mobile developers: a free, open source mobile backend. With us, comes something that will eradicate the API spaghetti that inevitably comes with—and slows down—mobile app development. Come see DreamFactory at booth #3 at the GIDS between the 21st and 24th of April. There is also a session to showcase a quick app developed using the DreamFactory Services Platform on the 22nd afternoon. And there’s another session with former GigaOm analyst, Janakiram MSV, where he’s running DreamFactory on a Rasberry Pi at the heart of a live Internet of Things (IoT) system. We are also going to have some exciting raffles (think Apple, think Google goodies) to make it worth your while. 

Bring your excitement and thirst for knowledge with you. We are!