Newly Developing Technology Promises a Bright Future for IT

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The future is unpredictable. One thing you can count on is the future of IT. The IT world will continue to grow, expand and make breakthroughs, no matter what else is happening in the world. Your competition jumps on new technology as soon as they are able. To stay ahead of them, you have to be prepared to embrace IT transformation before they do. The future of IT promises to bring unprecedented opportunities for businesses prepared to implement new technologies sooner, rather than later.

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Artificial Intelligence and Automation

Artificial intelligence and automation are still fairly new concepts for most businesses. The value of AI and automation is immeasurable and can be applied to most aspects of a company, including the supply chain, new product development and operations. The more you use automation and AI, the smoother your company will operate and the better chances you have of success.

Automating redundant tasks reduces the risk of human error. When people are tasked to input data into various fields over and over, it is only natural that mistakes can be made. Artificial intelligence can help you identify patterns, which helps you make more informed business decisions and improve outcomes. Human eyes can often miss these patterns or not identify them soon enough. Insights gleaned from AI let decision-makers identify new markets, launch new products, balance pricing with costs, improve forecasting accuracy, and much more. Manually sifting through massive amounts of untapped data can take hours or months of manpower, but the use of AI and automation can cut this down to minutes or seconds as well as improve accuracy.

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The Future of IT and Where AI Is Used

It's a common belief that AI happens in the data center, where it analyzes information and trends over a set period. While this is certainly a valuable part of the purpose AI serves, more and more businesses are starting to realize AI can do much more. Companies are putting AI at the edge, on production lines, in their field equipment, and in their infrastructure to help with automation and other real-time processes. Good examples of this include machine vision and autonomous disinfecting.

Machine vision is the method used to provide imaging-based automatic inspections, analysis, process control, and robotics. It makes it possible to identify defects in a production line and streamline quality assurance. Autonomous disinfecting robots kill bacteria and viruses on surfaces in hospitals, keeping patients and healthcare workers safe from dangerous pathogens.

The future of IT is all about putting AI to work in the most beneficial way for your business. This can be complex. In conjunction with your IT infrastructure, scaling your operation involves optimizing AI hardware, software, and solutions to help your business deploy AI as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

The Future of IT: Edge Computing and IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a system of interrelated objects embedded with sensors that are able to collect and transfer data over a wireless network without human intervention. It has interconnected millions of new devices to each other and the cloud. With new advances in technology, high-performance and low-power processors are bringing analytics and AI out of the cloud and directly to these endpoints. When edge computing is added to the mix, IoT is becoming more intelligent every day and is a big part of the future of IT. Real-world examples include smart cameras and edge servers.

When a smart camera is equipped with a vision processing unit, it can instantly analyze live video feeds to virtually “see” what is happening at a certain location, a busy event, on the production line, or on highways and roadways. An edge server in a busy store can quickly perform advanced analytics on data collected from customers, while keeping it on the premises to comply with data locality requirements. Data that needs to be stored locally, is easy to access and can be analyzed quickly is best kept in the cloud. Edge computing combined with cloud computing makes this happen.

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The Future of IT and the Cloud

In the beginning, the cloud was basically split into public cloud and private cloud. Businesses today can have the best of both worlds with hybrid and multi-cloud configurations. This approach allows IT teams to seamlessly transport data and applications from one system to another. You can choose the vendors and service providers that are best able to meet your needs and budget.

The future of IT is all about change. Keeping up with new technologies and advancements to help keep you ahead of the pack. As IT grows, it will offer more opportunities for your business to grow. There is an old saying, “Work smarter, not harder” IT solutions allow you to do just that. With automation, AI, the cloud, IoT and edge computing, the world will continue to change. IT is the driving force behind that change.

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