New GitHub integration offers direct import into DreamFactory

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One of my favorite features in DreamFactory is server-side scripting. Both event scripts and script services can really extend the DreamFactory platform, and customize it to your needs. If you are not familiar with DreamFactory server-side scripting, I recommend visiting the scripting documentation.

Previously, you had two ways of adding or updating your scripts in DreamFactory. You could either use the built-in code editor, or you could upload your script files. If you use your own scripts in production, you typically want to use source code version control, like GitHub, which adds another step to the process — checking out your script file from GitHub.

We're happy to announce that this additional step has been eliminated with DreamFactory's just released support for GitHub within event scripts and script services! You can choose the GitHub repository, branch, and file, and DreamFactory will reference the script at that location.

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