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In some cases, you create application programming interfaces (APIs) so you can integrate the apps into your IT ecosystem. APIs can do more than improve the functionality of your microservices and optimize your apps, though. When you know the worth of APIs, you could use them to generate revenue for your business.

Determining the Value of Your APIs

How much can APIs cost? That depends on factors such as how much data you collect and the industries that want access to your APIs.

Industries that prioritize APIs include:

  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Financial services
  • Software development
  • Government

Organizations in some of these industries might have more money to spend than others. For example, a large software development company like Microsoft might not mind spending thousands of dollars for exclusive access to your data. A smaller startup that understands the importance of using APIs probably doesn’t have nearly as much money to spend.

The Value of Data

The value of your API also depends on the value of your data and how much it benefits users. If your data makes it easier for a company to automate software engineering tasks, it could save a lot of money by using your service instead of hiring more employees.

The worth of APIs goes up when it provides money-saving services that improve customer experiences and backend development.

An API that doesn’t have much of an influence on end-users probably will not earn as much money.

The Changing Worth of APIs

The value of your API might change over time as you connect to more sources and services. View your API as a product and price it like you would other items. If your metrics show that a lot of organizations want access, you can probably test higher-priced tiers that give some clients real-time reporting, better customer services, and easier integrations with popular dashboards, including AWS, Smartbear, and Salesforce.

Don’t push too hard, though. Each time you raise the price, you run the risk of losing customers. Ideally, you will understand the true worth of APIs you own, and you can charge a price that earns the highest revenues.

Business Models for Generating API Revenue

Your API strategy can include several options for generating revenue. Some of the most common business models for startups and established businesses include the following.


A subscription model often works well when you have a high number of users that want unlimited access to your APIs. Your customer gets a predictable bill each month. In return, you get a steady flow of revenue that supports your business’s growth.

Charge Per Call

You can also charge customers each time they use your API. Some organizations will prefer this option because they don’t anticipate using your API frequently. In some cases, you can use that to your advantage, though. If you have high-value data that DevOps teams only need to access occasionally, you could charge a much higher price per call.

You won’t get a steady source of revenue, but you could see some months when you earn significant amounts of money from your API’s worth.

Indirect Monetization

With indirect monetization, you can earn a percentage of the money your clients make when they use your API. For example, if you have an API that can give help an e-commerce company target high-value leads, the online store will give you a percentage of sales connected to your service.

In this way, the worth of APIs depends on their usefulness to companies and consumers. The more successful and useful your API becomes, the more money it will generate.

Sell Exclusive Access Rights

APIs play essential roles in digital value chains. If you have an API that could transform someone’s business process, you could sell it to that organization for a high sum. Keep in mind that you would only have a single source of revenue for that API. In return, the client would receive exclusive access.

Getting Started with DreamFactory

DreamFactory has tools that can improve the worth of APIs and lower your overall cost for managing your endpoints. You can use the platform to create and publish secure REST APIs instantly.

You can also control how much access certain customers have to your APIs. Give more record-level permissions to customers who pay for the privilege. You don’t need to worry about compromised security because you get support from OAuth, SSO Authentication, JSON Web Tokens (JWT), and Active Directory.

How much money can you earn from your APIs? That depends on a lot of factors. One thing's certain, though. DreamFactory makes it easier for you to create and manage your APIs. When used well, it could help you lower your expenses and increase your APIs’ worth.

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