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Starting January, 11th, 2017 DreamFactory launched an interactive weekly demo which will be hosted at 1 PM EST every Wednesday going forward. So if you missed last week don’t worry!

We are off to a great start! With two demos behind us and dozens of great questions from our attendees we are looking forward to introducing new users to the DreamFactory platform in our “Getting started with DreamFactory” weekly demo. It is our hope that the weekly demos will not only inspire our attendees but also provide a foundational understanding on which ideas can be built and realized.

The “Getting started with DreamFactory” weekly demo will cover the following five topics:

  • Connecting to a database service
  • Using API Docs to test your API
  • Connecting to a remote API (remote HTTP service)
  • Creating API Keys and Roles for managing service access
  • Logging in and forming API calls 

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Sign up the weekly demo here:

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