January 2017 Developer Survey Results

Table of contents

We just conducted our latest developer survey in January and the results are in! Congratulations to Aaron Pace, winner of an Apple Watch for taking our survey! Thanks to everyone who took the time to provide your feedback to make DreamFactory better. We appreciate your time. Below are some highlights from the survey. 

  • 60% of users either work for enterprises, software development agencies, or are self-employed.


  • Users are most commonly back-end / API developers (22%), front-end developers (19%), or technical architects (11%).


  • Over 63% of users are building web applications, 39% Android apps, 30% iOS apps, 22% hybrid mobile, and 12% IoT. 


  • The top 10 most popular REST APIs in DreamFactory (percentage of users using the feature): MySQL (58%), email (22%), MongoDB (21%), PostgreSQL (20%), SQL Server (20%), custom-scripted APIs (17%), remote HTTP APIs (15%), Amazon S3 files (12%), OAuth (11%), SQLite (10%).   


As always, if you have more feedback for us, please head on over to the community forum and let us know what you think!