Introducing Alex Bowen, DreamFactory’s New Community and Developer Relations Team Member

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Hey DreamFactory folks, I’m Alex.

I’m the newest member on the Developer Relations team, and will also be involved in the community.

I’ve done Community Management and Developer Relations for a few different tech startups and software companies, so I’ve worked very closely with developers of pretty much every programming language, and more! I’ve also been very involved in the Maker movement and have been to my fair share of Maker Faires! I love IoT and how technology can solve the world's most pressing problems. Open Source is on the rise, and so is the developer community. Developers are a key part in growing the solutions created with open source. That’s why I am here. I am keen to inspire, nurture and find ways to succeed and change the world together!


I strongly believe that open source technology is the future of business and community. That is also why I am particularly excited to join DreamFactory Software. Their solutions are the perfect incubator for creating positive change and elevating business solutions. It’s a competitive edge that helps you get your work done in a transformational way and creates opportunities for your ideas to flourish. Let’s transform business as usual - together!

You can find me at events, hackathons and conferences around the world. I will also be managing our online community forum and our social media channels. Tweet to me anytime. Can’t wait to see you on our forums, social media and at an event!