How to Execute a Great API Strategy

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Knowing how to execute an API strategy for your organization offers numerous benefits. As today’s business and technology worlds move to cloud-based environments, APIs play an essential role in creating a successful cloud-based infrastructure. Some companies, such as Stripe and Twilio, use great APIs to stand out from their competitors and generate higher revenues. You don’t necessarily need a lot of technical experience to execute an API strategy that delivers quality outcomes. With the right tools and a little guidance, you can learn how to execute an API strategy that fits your organization’s needs perfectly.

Establish Goals for Your API Ecosystem

Defining goals plays a critical role in determining how to build an API strategy that works for your organization. In most cases, you should know your objectives and work backward to create an ecosystem that fills those needs. For example, an insurance company that gives its vendors access to its database through an API should start with defining that goal and creating an API that serves third-party vendors.

Unless you work with a large company with an existing API ecosystem, it makes sense to start by defining small goals. Once you decide that you can meet that objective, work on a loftier goal until you have an ecosystem that serves everyone who needs access to your data. Monitor your API performance to detect small challenges before they turn into big problems.

Add APIs to a Cloud-First Strategy

More companies are moving toward cloud-first strategies so they can store and analyze data more efficiently, improve business continuity, and save money while benefiting from the latest technologies. Moving resources to the cloud offers plenty of benefits, but it also has some potential drawbacks. For example, becoming cloud-dependent could mean that you lose access to legacy systems that still contain useful information.

Add APIs to your cloud-first strategy so you can get the best of both worlds. With a properly configured API, you can continue using legacy systems while taking advantage of cloud services. Your APIs essentially bridge the gap between your on-premises and cloud-based assets.

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Use Incremental API Rollouts

Instant API creation makes it simple for practically anyone to generate flexible, fully documented APIs. That doesn’t mean you should roll out several new APIs on the same day. While rare, you could encounter challenges that make it unexpectedly difficult to manage your API ecosystem.

You can manage your APIs much more effectively through an incremental rollout strategy. Each step will teach you how to build an API strategy that meets your specific goals. If something doesn’t work as planned, you can take some time to document the problem and find a solution. It’s much easier to deal with one problem than dozens at once.

Incremental rollouts will also help new users learn how to make their APIs more effective. Instead of sending out a dozen basic APIs, you can dedicate each day to learning something new that makes today’s API better than the previous day’s.

Manage Your API Ecosystem

At this point, you might think you already know how to build an API strategy. Even if you understand the basics, you need to monitor your APIs to make sure they continue serving your needs. As user concerns and business processes change, you might need to update your APIs.

Your growing API ecosystem can also present opportunities for improvement. Managing several APIs can become tedious and difficult. Consolidating your API activities into one platform helps eliminate those challenges.

Executing Your API Strategy with DreamFactory

DreamFactory makes it easier than ever for you to learn how to execute an API strategy without becoming a technical expert. The DreamFactory platform does most of the work for you, so you don’t need extensive training to create and manage APIs.

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