How are APIs Enabling Supply Chain Digital Transformation?

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Cargo ship being pulled which shows supply chain digital transformation.

The benefits of technology in the world of business are no secret. What is driving that technology today, however, is the use of APIs in areas like supply chain management. APIs are enabling the supply chain digital transformation from improved processes to forecasting and even being able to build better supply chain relationships.

Being proactive versus reactive is the key to successfully managing your supply chain. And that begins by using APIs and learning how APIs are enabling supply chain digital transformation for businesses everywhere. Then, it becomes a matter of putting APIs to work for your supply chain digital transformation, and for improved supply chain management. 

Here are a few of the ways that APIs are enabling supply chain digital transformation and why they could be the solution for your business too. 

APIs Improve Collaboration

By its nature, supply chain management involves working with others. The key to mutually beneficial relationships is where the rubber meets the road. Using APIs means enabling partners, affiliates, and suppliers shared access to any number of applications within a network.

That connection and shared access to information via APIs results in a more seamless exchange of information. It also eliminates much of the traditional need for verification of data, follow-ups on orders, and the time it takes to communicate with those you are working with within the supply chain.

The ability for APIs to essentially form a single platform network from multiple networks is where the power of API in supply chain management is undeniably recognized. It is also the primary way and how APIs are enabling supply chain digital transformation across a range of industries and businesses. 

The team at DreamFactory can help your business with its supply chain digital transformation by connecting common databases, file storage systems, and third-party APIs. Reach out to the DreamFactory team to learn more about how they can help you transform and improve your supply chain today. 

Supply Chain APIs Promote and Support Scalability and Cost Controls

One of the most useful benefits of APIs in enabling supply chain digital transformation is the ability to support scalability and control costs. Success for many companies that rely on supply chain management also can often end up becoming their downfall. The inability to see, monitor, respond, and keep up with demand and growth can be costly. In the same fashion, the ability to see a decrease in orders or demand will also enable businesses to respond effectively too.

APIs eliminate the guesswork and allow companies to see data and information from all their supply chain partners, determine trends, and, most importantly, stay ahead of the supply chain management curve. When it comes to supply chain management, being reactive instead of proactive can often mean being too late. That has also never been more true than it is now, in the highly competitive ultra-connected world of business today. 

APIs Create More Efficient and Smarter Supply Chain Operations

Many businesses that rely on digital supply chain management are also employing automated processes. The addition of APIs to shipping aspects such as delivery, stock, availability, and quotas create a true end-to-end picture. This enables companies to more effectively and efficiently manage supply chain operations. With APIs permitting a big-picture view, supply chain managers can more easily determine if and where there is a problem and how to fix it.

While automated processes have made the world of supply chain management easier, the use of APIs has made it smarter too. These benefits result in the advantage of eliminating potential shortages and supply chain problems by seeing them before they happen. Now, companies using digital supply chain management can truly be proactive, putting them in the driver's seat and complete control of their supply chain. 

DreamFactory's APIs are Powering Supply Chain Digital Transformation

In the ultra-connected world of business and digital supply chain management today, there can be many barriers. Companies use different technologies, devices, platforms, and even languages. DreamFactory is the key to helping remove the barriers and to help create a seamless and efficient digital supply chain system. Using DreamFactory's tools, you can now create virtual foreign key relationships between tables in the same database or between completely different databases without altering your schema or writing any code. This means the ability to create, read, update, or delete objects and related objects with a single API call.

Start your free 14-day free trial with DreamFactory to discover how a top API platform can help your business begin its digital transformation.

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