G2 Winter 2022 Fastest Implementation: DreamFactory Awarded!

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G2 Winter 2022 Fastest Implementation

DreamFactory is proud to announce its achievement in the G2 Winter Quarter 2022 Fastest Implementation report. Our accomplishment in the Winter 2022 quarter shows not only the hard work our team has put in over the last quarter, but also reflects how satisfied our customers are with our product. 

What is G2?

G2 is a peer to peer review site that allows customers to compare similar software and leave reviews for products that they’ve used. Rather than relying on what the company says about their product, G2 provides a place for consumers to review different products as well as find new products that can help benefit their business. This allows consumers to find products that fit the needs of their business.

For sellers, G2 allows businesses to promote their software, collect reviews, and get G2 reports that buyers can use to research their B2B software purchases. G2 creates brand awareness and trust through the reviews that verified customers write. Businesses can utilize G2’s services to make decisions about their business direction using the feedback of customers. 

G2 has published over 1 million verified reviews, making it a valuable resource for the 5 million visitors they receive monthly. Over 2,000 businesses, including Salesforce, Zoom, and HubSpot have turned to G2 to manage their reputation, gain valuable customer insights, and increase their business’ revenue. 

What does the G2 Winter 2022 Fastest Implementation badge mean? 

G2 badges are a symbol of excellence and customer satisfaction. G2 badges are awarded based on feedback from customers of a product, which is what makes these awards so prestigious. 

Trust badges are important for businesses to demonstrate the reliability of their products and services to their customers. DreamFactory prides itself on delivering a fantastic product, and with the added benefit of the G2 trust badges, consumers are able to see that not only is the product trusted, so is the company that provides it.

G2 Fastest Implementation

DreamFactory was awarded the G2 Fastest Implementation badge for the Winter 2022 quarter in the API management category, beating out competitors like MuleSoft, Kong, Postman, and Boomi. This is our 12th consecutive quarter since summer of 2019 that customers have rated us the fastest implemented API management software!

G2 awards badges based on real customers’ reviews, which is what makes these awards so coveted. Alongside the Fastest Implementation award, DreamFactory was also awarded the Best Estimated ROI and High Performer badge by G2.

But don’t just take it from us! Here’s what some real customers have to say about DreamFactory’s effectiveness on G2: 

Mark, a mid-market CEO said,

“DreamFactory has saved us countless development hours by providing an extremely easy way to bridge our data sources.”

Jeremy, a mid-market program analyst said, 

“Dreamfactory makes it very easy for us to create APIs that connect to our SQL databases. We love the flexibility this gives us, and it has improved our security by preventing our applications from directly connecting to the databases.”

Anthony, a senior data engineer said, 

“Easy to set up. You just need to provide your database's connection info, and you can create an API within minutes… This makes it very agile as the traditional way to join data from different departments can take months.”

We want to thank all of our customers for leaving us with such positive feedback! It is with your support that we were able to be recognized and end this year on such a high note. 

If you are a current DreamFactory customer and have found it to be the perfect API management solution, leave us a review, so we know how to better serve you. 

Get Started With DreamFactory

Want to know why DreamFactory was awarded the G2 Winter 2022 Fastest Implementation badge? Developing APIs can be a complex, time consuming, and expensive process. It also exposes businesses to a number of risks including consistency, quality, and developer resourcing. DreamFactory is a REST API generation tool for 20+ databases and a range of other data sources. It gives you the ability to generate secure and fully documented APIs in a matter of minutes. Ready to get started?  

Sign up for a 14-day free trial and start creating your APIs today!

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