DreamFactory Version 4.11.1 Has Been Released!

Table of contents

We’re happy to announce that DreamFactory version 4.11 has been released.

Along with the usual bug fixes, we have done some hardening on the security of the DreamFactory platform, and also added additional support on newer OS releases of Fedora and Debian.

New Features and Changes

  • Added support for Fedora 35 and 36
  • Removed support for Fedora 32
  • Added support for Debian 11
  • Fixed issue with OAuth and OpenId connectors not returning the correct response on sign in.
  • Breaking Change -> When updating your own email address, you will now need to confirm your current password (either through the UI, or by adding a current_password field to the api payload.
  • the system/environment endpoint will no longer return php variables for system / root administrators.

Our Nginx template (used if you are setting up DreamFactory using our installer) will, by default, add an api limit of one call per second to the user/session and admin/session endpoints (i.e when logging in). This can be amended / removed to your needs in the Nginx configuration file. We hope it gives you an idea of how to harden your server via Nginx.

Get Started with DreamFactory

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