DreamFactory Recognized as High Performer by G2

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G2 is one of the leading review and comparison sites for business software, so as an API management platform, we’re especially proud to be recognized as high performers by G2 and its users in Summer 2021. DreamFactory received three of the coveted badges in the Summer review of top software and service providers including:

  • High Performer Summer 2021
  • Fastest Implementation Summer 2021
  • Best Est. ROI Summer 2021

DreamFactory — What Users Say

The G2 platform allows software decision-makers to make informed choices regarding the best tools for the job — and the job, for us, is delivering a modern and sophisticated API generation and management platform. The site details the pricing, features, and product information of SaaS and other services. It also features unbiased, independent reviews from software users. That’s why an accolade from G2 means so much — the input comes directly from those who interact with our services.

G2 reviewers gave DreamFactory an impressive 4.5 out of 5 stars and had plenty of positive things to say about the service we provide.

Illan, a mid-market CEO stated:

It has allowed us to create a single data layer that unifies all our underlying platforms. It does this elegantly, with consistent architecture, taking care of authentication and caching.

DreamFactory is itself an API, and this has allowed us to use the product not only for our own business, but also OEM'd as part of an on-premise solution we sell to our customers. We have found it easy to package and configure into portable Docker containers".

An Executive Sponsor in the construction industry said:

"Easy to install and use, you can expose any kind of legacy and connect as well easily to any brand new technology.

Commitment of sales and techs from Dreamfactory, fully engage in the success of your implementation is very enjoyable as well".

DreamFactory and You

It’s because of users like you leaving reviews of our services that we are recognised in this way, so we’d like to say a heartfelt Thank You to everyone who did so. If you use DreamFactory and find it the right API management solution for you and your organization, be sure to leave a review on G2, highlighting what worked for you and why you chose us.

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