DreamFactory Proud to Sponsor HackKings

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Based around open source technology, the DreamFactory team has a lot of love for spaces where passionate people are building the interesting and unexpected. So being involved with hackathons seemed like an incredible way to get involved with amazing events, communities and to see what kinds of interesting things sleep-deprived technologists could build on the DreamFactory platform in 24 hours. We're going to be sponsoring our first hackathon in December, the esteemed HackKings student hackathon at King's College London on December 12-13th.

HackKings is free to attend and open to university students aged 18 and above. Jessica Rose will be representing DreamFactory during the event and awarding a prize for the best use of the DreamFactory open source platform to generate REST APIs. We're really hoping to see some weird and creative uses of data in the hacks. We'll be featuring the winning DreamFactory hack here on the blog, so check back after the event to see what the KCL students dreamed up.