DreamFactory partners with prog metal powerhouse Dream Theater to release new Pro Grok API™

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Music fans and API developers worlwide are cheering at the new alliance of technology and arppegiation that has produced one of the most powerful prog rock APIs in history. With deep access to scale and modal manipulation patterns going back to before Peter Gabriel left Genesis, modern shredders can deploy harmonic endpoints (using DataMesh) to build songs lasting over 20 minutes!

Of the partnership, guitarist John Petrucci said:

"Who? What's an API? Is that some new reverb pedal?"

Upon hearing the news, weathered rockers Cheap Trick signed up to be DreamFactory's first Enterprise grade co-branding sponsor distribution channel.

Cheap Trick guitarist and checkered tie aficionado Rick Nielsen released the following announcement:

"Is this Julie from Taskrabbit? Hello? Well, you brought me hazelnut flavored coffee and I'm feeling sick now. Can come back by the condo and bring a regular cappuccino?"

In an related announcement, Adobe has teamed up with DreamFactory and sonambulist Gary Wright to license a new version of its code crufting tool Dreamweaver.

DreamFactory engineer Jerry Ablan was particularly excited by the new relationship with Wright:

"LOL, is he still alive? That's a pretty lame April Fool's post. You probably shouldn't do this."

(apologies to the most excellent Dream Theater for the headline. Did you know they're on tour?)