DreamFactory News - Training, a New Guide, SaaS, and More

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DreamFactory Happenings

It's hard to believe the year's end is almost upon us! This has been a pretty transformative year for the company. We've seen record demand for the DreamFactory Platform, and have additionally been working around the clock on a number of new initiatives:

Onsite Training, A Guide, and Installer Scripts!

  • New onsite and remote training services. Learn more at https://dreamfactory.com/training 3. This has already been a huge benefit to both OSS and commercial users of our software, and we’re happy to tailor a specific training agenda to suit your team’s needs.
  • Expanded consulting and custom development services. We work with DreamFactory customers around the world helping them to architect and develop their DreamFactory platform-powered projects. We don’t yet have a website page for this because our customers are contacting us directly, and invite you to do the same at sales AT dreamfactory.com.
  • Wildly improved documentation. We’ve only very recently launched our new guide, which you can find at https://guide.dreamfactory.com/. We’ll soon be open sourcing this guide on GitHub so all interested users can contribute.
  • Automated installers!!! We are in the final phases of testing automated installers for Ubuntu, Debian, and other Linux flavors. These are so incredibly useful and convenient, and we’re very excited to make them available to all users.
  • What? A SaaS solution?

    Perhaps most notably, we’re excited to announce we’ve been hard at work on a hosted SaaS solution, which we’ll be releasing in Q1 2019! If you’d like to be contacted when the beta is available, please add your contact information to https://www.dreamfactory.com/saas-beta. We decided to take on this initiative because an incredible number of OSS and paid customers alike have voiced interest in making their DreamFactory experience even more convenient by leaving the administration to us!

    Our team would love to learn more about what you'd like us to work on in 2019 and beyond. I invite you to e-mail me directly at jason.gilmore AT dreamfactory.com.

    Jason Gilmore, CTO DreamFactory, Inc.