DreamFactory 4.9.0 Released

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DreamFactory 4.9.0 has arrived! This release includes a mix of bug fixes and UX improvements. Perhaps the most notable change is the addition of a "Quick Links" section (see attached screenshot) to an API's Overview tab. It's now possible to jump directly to an API's scripted endpoints, API documentation, and associated roles! The below screenshot presents an example:

DreamFactory's new API Quick Links section
Easily jump to other API features using the Quick Links section

When creating a new API, DreamFactory will now identify database connection issues with some additional diagnostic information. The CentOS / RHEL installers also saw some improvements, as did the API scheduler and CORS features.

In the upcoming release we'll be announcing revamped installers for CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora. Our goal with every release is to ensure you can install, configure, and use DreamFactory faster and more conveniently than ever!