DreamFactory 4.7.0 Released!

Table of contents

DreamFactory Update 4.7.0

This morning we released DreamFactory 4.7.0 with a bunch of new features and bug fixes! Some highlights include:

Web (HTTP) Connector - Enhanced SharePoint Support

The universal web connector now supports the use of single quotes, allowing for URLs such as /ecommerce/_api/Web/Lists/GetByTitle('Product Names'). This is particularly useful for SharePoint projects.

Dedicated MySQL System Database Read/Write Support

When using MySQL as the system database in a high traffic environment it's now possible to define separate read and write databases for performance reasons.

Improved First Administrator Account User Interface

After installing and configuring DreamFactory, users are prompted to create the first administrator account. This can be done using the CLI or a web-based form. We've updated the web form to match the theme introduced in an earlier release.

Updated Installer README

All versions of DreamFactory are bundled with four Linux installers (CentOS, Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu) that make installation a breeze. In this release we've made some minor improvements to the installer README.


Want to give DreamFactory a spin? Head over to GitHub and download version 4.7.0 now. We'll update the hosted environment soon for 4.7.0, so feel free to start a 14 day hosted trial to learn more about all of the other great platform features.