DreamFactory 4.6 Released

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DreamFactory 4.6 Released

On Friday we released DreamFactory 4.6. This is the most significant UI release since the 3.0 overhaul, including the following interface improvements:

  • Instant search added for the Apps, Roles, and Services tabs.
  • The eternally confusing external IP address widget has been removed.
  • When creating a role via the Roles tab, the Service dropdown is now alphabetized rather than ordered according to creation date.
  • When creating or viewing endpoint logic via the Scripts tab, the services are now alphabetized rather than ordered according to creation date.

In addition to these UI enhancements we've improved AWS SES support by addition four more regions (Frankfurt, Paris, Stockholm, and Bahrain). We also fixed an issue that prevented email template from being edited directly within the DreamFactory administration interface.

DreamFactory 4.7 is already in the works! Among other improvements we'll be updating the first administrator web form, fixing a table casing issue that affects Microsoft SQL Server APIs, improving SharePoint API support.

In related news we've welcomed two new full-time developers to the team. Alexandre and Tomo are working out of our Tokyo office. The technical onboarding process was so efficient that they contributed several of the aforementioned features to the 4.6 release!