DreamFactory 4.5.2 - New Snowflake, Hadoop, and Hive Connectors

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DreamFactory 4.5.2 has been released with improvements to our recently added Snowflake connector. In addition to Snowflake, version 4.5.0 introduced connectors for Apache Hive and Hadoop HDFS. All three were added by request of our customers, and we're happy to see these new capabilities already being deployed into test environments.

What is Snowflake?

Snowflake is one of the today's hottest data warehouse technologies, offering companies a scalable solution that isolates compute and storage requirements. This is an important point of differentiation because it means you can configure your data processing environment to suit independent projects, scaling each project up and down as necessary for budgetary efficiency. Snowflake also offers an intuitive privilege separation feature which allows administrators to easily manage data access for both internal and external users.

DreamFactory's Snowflake connector can instantly generate a REST API for your Snowflake databases. Just provide a host, warehouse, database, role, and your user credentials, and DreamFactory will generate a secure, fully documented API. What's more, we built this connector so that clients can pass in credentials via headers at query time, dramatically reducing administrative barriers for organizations managing dozens or even hundreds of Snowflake databases.

What is Hadoop HDFS?

It used to be the case that businesses couldn't amass enough data to make informed decisions. Now we're facing paralysis by analysis, an outcome of plummeting storage costs, fast internet connections, and a proliferation of APIs. Tools like Hadoop were created to help process large amounts of data by distributing the analysis across a cluster of processing nodes, and assembling these distributed results into a coherent result.

The Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) is a distributed file system that manages the distribution of data across multiple servers so that it can be analyzed in smaller chunks. Using DreamFactory's Hadoop HDFS connector, you can query this data through an auto-generated REST API.

What is Apache Hive?

Users even tangentially involved with data analysis often have a basic understanding of SQL. Apache Hive solves that dilemma by providing a SQL interface to your Hadoop-managed datasets. DreamFactory's new Hive connector makes this SQL interface available through the familiar REST API available to other databases like MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server.

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