DreamFactory 2.9 adds AD SSO, GitHub, and GitLab

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DreamFactory 2.9 has shipped! This release has some significant enhancements, including support for Active Directory Single Sign On, SQL Server Windows Authentication, and scripting integration with both GitHub and GitLab. You can get the 2.9 release from Bitnami or GitHub.

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Here's what's new:

Version 2.9 release notes

  • Added support for Active Directory Single Sign On.
  • Added support for SQL Server Windows Authentication.
  • Added support for GitHub and GitLab source control services, with file linking from server-side scripting.
  • Added support for server-side filters on MongoDB, DynamoDB, and Cassandra databases. Other NoSQL databases will be supported in a future release.
  • Added database record caching for retrieved records. Enable caching with a TTL in the service config and purge or refresh on demand.
  • Added support for HAS_ONE relationship. This is similar to HAS_MANY but the foreign key is the primary key or has a unique constraint.
  • Now allowing DF_SCRIPTING_DEFAULT_PROTOCOL in .env config to be either "http" (default) or "https" for internal API calls from Node.js and Python scripts.
  • Fixed handling of parameters when a stored procedure is not on the default schema.
  • Fixed server-side filters so that they adhere to the requestor type API or Script.
  • Enhanced usability of the base api/v2 output for available services.