DreamFactory 2.7 adds CSV file import, OpenID Connect, and custom installation

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DreamFactory 2.7 has shipped! This release includes support for CSV file import, OpenID Connect, a new installer program to customize your DreamFactory installation, and many more bug fixes and enhancements. Get the 2.7 release from Bitnami or GitHub now.

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Here's what's new:

Version 2.7 release notes

  • API improvements
    • Added support for OpenID Connect to DreamFactory Silver and Gold. 
    • Added ability to import CSV files. Once imported into DreamFactory, your CSV file is accessible as a database REST API. 
    • Added email service and template configuration to the system service for admin email invite and password reset.
    • HTTP services now look for headers from request to pass through when called from scripting environment.
    • Fixed "count_only" parameter usage in database services.
    • Fixed API Docs to show token refresh endpoints.
    • Fixed GET over POST on system resources, ignoring some parameters in payload.
  • Miscellaneous enhancements and bug fixes
    • Added BASH installer.sh script to customize your DreamFactory packages and environment. See the instructions in the dreamfactory README to learn more.
    • Added license type to the Config > System Info page in the Admin app.
    • Added server's external IP address to system/environment.
    • Moved JWT require from application to df-core.
    • Added additional user and admin info to the package manifest.
    • Allowed email template to enter multiple addresses in to, bcc, cc fields.
    • Fixed issues with CSV and XML user import feature.
    • Fixed user authentication after user changes email or password from the profile page.
    • Added better error message for password change failure.
    • Fixed OAuth issue with PHP 5.6.
    • Removed cipher option of RIJNDAEL-128 from environment.
    • Using user_key in JWT claim for improved security.
    • Cleanup after removing php-utils library dependency.
    • Cleanup to existing php_unit test infrastructure.
    • Split df:setup command into df:env and df:setup.