DreamFactory 2.6 adds Firebird SQL and API management improvements

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DreamFactory 2.6 has shipped! We've added Firebird SQL support and some major enhancements to API management as well as many API improvements and important bug fixes. You can download the 2.6 release from Bitnami or GitHub now.

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Here's what's new:

Version 2.6 release notes

  • API improvements
    • Added support for Firebird SQL database. Simply connect to your Firebird database in the DreamFactory admin console and DreamFactory automatically generates a REST API for Firebird data and schema.
    • Added support for endpoint-level API limits and HTTP verb-specific limits to DreamFactory Gold. This provides granular control over API limits in your DreamFactory instance.
    • Added option to use Redis cache for API limits in DreamFactory Gold.
    • Added support for "upsert" on database services, where supported (using PUT verb).
    • Fixed inconsistent behavior for selected fields and related data in SQL database services.
    • Updated Cassandra service to better handle native types such as UUID and timestamps.
    • Added ability for HTTP services to detect and replace external links in response when resolved to other DreamFactory service URIs.
  • Miscellaneous enhancements and bug fixes
    • Added support for username authentication. Email is still the default but now you can set username authentication with an environment configuration option.
    • Added option to send email invitation to newly created Admin users.
    • Fixed JWT token refresh and forever token refresh issue.
    • Fixed issues with resource-level role-based access control in API docs.
    • Fixed PUT section on API docs for system/{resource} and system/{resource}/{id}.
    • Fixed scripting response handling with single quotes, particularly in Python.
    • Fixed scripting execution for Node.js exceptions.
    • Fixed scripting handling of file upload.