DreamFactory 2.4.1 includes Couchbase and DocumentDB

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DreamFactory 2.4.1 has shipped! This release has some major enhancements, including new APIs for Couchbase and Azure DocumentDB, virtual foreign keys support for all table relationship types, and a new file service to retrieve log files from your DreamFactory instance. Head on over to Bitnami or GitHub to get DreamFactory 2.4.1.

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Here's what's new.

Version 2.4.1 release notes

  • API enhancements and bug fixes
    • Added Couchbase REST API. Simply enter your Couchbase host, port, username, and password and DreamFactory instantly provides REST API endpoints for your Couchbase database.
    • Added Azure DocumentDB REST API. Simply enter your DocumentDB URL endpoint, key, and database and DreamFactory instantly provides REST API endpoints for your DocumentDB database.
    • Major enhancements to "virtual foreign keys" (now called "virtual relationships") to support all table relationship types, including provisioning/retrieving from MongoDB services.
    • Added a pre-configured local file REST API to retrieve logs from the DreamFactory logs directory.
    • Added lookup modifiers and modifier configuration options i.e., {urlencode(my_lookup)}. Learn more here.
    • Added new API paths for database table field and related management (_schema/<table_name>/_field and _schema/<table_name>/_related). Old field access with _schema/<table_name>/<field_name> will be deprecated in upcoming release.
    • Fixed AWS SNS service API issues.
    • Now using null for empty service doc instead of default JSON object.
    • No longer formatting null to defined param type on stored procedure output parameters.
    • Now casting boolean values correctly for SQLite and IBM DB2.
  • Scripting enhancements
    • Added parameter and header options to scripting inline calls using platform.api.
    • Removed array wrapping of event.request.headers values.
    • Added minor Node.js and Python scripting improvements to match V8 Javascript and PHP feature set in DreamFactory.
  • Other enhancements and bug fixes
    • Added support for schema merge in package import.
    • Added ability to define fields for MongoDB tables (primarily for virtual relationships but will be expanded for validations, etc. in upcoming release).
    • Updated CORS to use the latest laravel-cors with additional options and new path matching.
    • Added validation to protect user, role, and app lookups against duplicate named entries.
    • Eliminated timeout issue on package export manifest by only showing top level folders for file services.
    • Cleaned up database extras upon dropping a table or column.

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