DreamFactory 2.3.1 includes Logstash and Redshift

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DreamFactory 2.3.1 is live! The 2.3.1 release includes a bunch of important enhancements, including GitHub integration on server-side scripts, new APIs for AWS Redshift and Logstash, and security improvements. Head on over to Bitnami or GitHub to get DreamFactory 2.3.1.

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Here's the roundup of what's new.

Version 2.3.1 release notes:

  • GitHub integration
    • You can now update your scripts from GitHub directly in the Admin Console. This feature is supported for event scripts (Scripts tab) and custom scripts (Services tab). 
  • API enhancements and bug fixes
    • Added Logstash REST API to log activities directly from your application or from DreamFactory scripting services. Simply enter your Logstash host, port, and network protocol and DreamFactory instantly provides REST API endpoints for Logstash. 
    • Added auto-generated REST API for AWS Redshift. This feature is in beta.
    • Added support in file services to chunk large file downloads.
    • Added WSDL and Salesforce REST API version selection options for service config.
    • Added example WSDL file for Salesforce connections.
    • Improved related data queries by pushing full dataset down to per-relationship handling.
    • Added 'count_only' option to query parameters to return a count of filtered records, but not the records.
  • Security enhancements
    • Changed passwords, secret keys, etc. in service configurations to be protected (i.e. they can be set but not retrieved through the API).
    • Changed core models to allow for encryption and protection control. 
    • Cleaned up cached Service model usage.
    • Changed OAuth services to return token after OAuth authentication and improved consistency across all OAuth providers.
    • Added OAuth config options to Salesforce service access via Salesforce OAuth.
    • Session token management for Salesforce API now cached and handles both authentication modes.
  • User registration enhancements
    • Added configurable role-per-app for open registration, OAuth, and AD/LDAP services.
    • User registration and password reset confirmation code length are now configurable.
    • User registration and password reset confirmation expiration are now configurable.
  • Other enhancements and bug fixes
    • Added Python command path setting to distributed env file.
    • Server-side filters are now case-insensitive like the rest of record processing. 

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