DreamFactory 2.2 released, includes important API changes

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We're excited to announce DreamFactory Version 2.2. There are a number of important design improvements to services, scripting, and system resources. But the biggest change is that APIs for commercial databases will no longer be open source.

Read more about DreamFactory's new features.

New features in Version 2.2:

  • The following services are now under a commercial license and have been removed from the default open source installation:
    • Oracle
    • Microsoft SQL Server
    • IBM DB2
    • SAP SQL Anywhere
    • Salesforce.com
    • SOAP
    • LDAP
    • Active Directory
  • Redesigned services and system resources management to be more flexible and dynamic.
    • Now using ServiceProviders for all service type onboarding
    • New service type migration command for pre-2.2 database upgrade (php artisan dreamfactory:service-type-migrate), run after migration and seeding
    • SQL database driver types now available as their own service types ("sql_db" type retired)
    • Script languages now available as their own service types ("script" type retired)
    • Service Definition system now adds service name to all defined paths and tags automatically
    • Old service types converted to new format during import in packaging
    • Support for service definition (Swagger doc) on service import/export in packaging
  • Improved script engine features.
    • Added platform.api support for Node.js and Python scripting
    • Node.js scripts now allow returning output from async callback functions
    • Python script improvements: allow empty script, correcting script output
  • API Docs now support OpenAPI (Swagger) YAML format, as well as JSON.
  • Usability improvement: first admin user of the Admin Console automatically logged in on creation
  • Include predis/predis package by default for using Redis for caching
  • Include df-azure using microsoftazure/storage by default, used sdk that required pear in prior releases
  • Now using guzzle 6
  • Added laravel/homestead support for php5.6 and php7 for dev installs

Read more about DreamFactory 2.2: