DreamFactory 2.2.1 released, includes major enhancements to stored procedures

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DreamFactory version 2.2.1 has shipped. v2.2.1 includes major enhancements to stored procedures, API improvements, UI improvements, and a number of bug fixes. See all the details below and grab the latest from Bitnami or GitHub.

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              <!--more--><strong>New features in Version 2.2.1:</strong>

Major improvements to stored procedures support!

  • HTTP GET using the "ids" parameter returns details about procedure and function requirements
  • Call procedures and functions with just the required parameters 
  • Added the ability to pass procedure and function parameters as URL parameters, inline, or via a "params" array in the payload
  • API improvements
    • Enhanced error message for some APIs, particularly in authentication and authorization areas
    • Fixed encoding of resources forwarded on in HTTP Services
    • Added event support for individual SOAP methods defined in the given WSDL
    • General cleanup of Swagger API Docs
    • Fixed Swagger model generation for SOAP service, now supports WSDL enumerations in types
    • Added event matching from Swagger documentation paths to support event firing on exact and matching paths for HTTP Services
  • UI Improvements
    • End-to-end cosmetic cleanup of the Admin application UI
    • Admin application UI tooltip enhancements
  • Packages improvements
    • Fixed role exporting in packages
    • Fixed table export issue in packages
    • Added data import support for packages
  • Other important enhancements
    • Added Active Directory support for group hierarchy when mapping to DreamFactory roles
    • Added event modification configuration setting to pre- and post-process scripts, replacing usage of "content-changed" flag in the script itself
    • Caching fixes and speed improvements
    • General cleanup of usage of utility functions
    • Fixed file streaming using file service over CORS connections

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