DreamFactory 2.12 adds Bitbucket Support for Git Services

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DreamFactory 2.12 has shipped! 2.12 has a bunch of great new features, including support for Bitbucket and Git services, beta support for MemSQL, and the ability to disable date and time types formatting when there are no translations configured. You can get the DreamFactory 2.12 release now from Bitnami or GitHub

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Here's what's new:

Version 2.12 release notes

  • Added Bitbucket support for Git services
  • Added beta support for MemSQL (requires subscription)
  • Added response caching for script services
  • Fixed wildcard handling in session permission checks
  • Use potentially modified request in response format handling
  • Updated API documentation and bug fixes for file storage services
  • Fixed some Oracle data types not getting caught for type simplification
  • Disable date and time types formatting when there are no translations configured
  • Added count_only option for Salesforce service, Fixed session timeout

Please let us know if you need any help upgrading your product or if we can answer any questions regarding any of the updates in this release at dspsupport@dreamfactory.com.

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