DreamFactory 2.11 has shipped! 2.11 has a bunch of great new features, including support for GraphQL, RabbitMQ, and MongoDB GridFS file storage. You can get the DreamFactory 2.11 release now from Bitnami or GitHub. Here’s what’s new:

Version 2.11 release notes

  • Upgraded Laravel Framework to 5.5, added package discovery to all dependencies.
    • Important Note: 2.11 and all future releases require a minimum PHP version of 7.0.
  • Added support for MongoDB GridFS as a file storage system.
  • Added support for RabbitMQ (AMPQ) pub/sub protocol.
  • Added support for Facebook’s GraphQL API for database services (beta).
  • Added ability to authenticate using an external database connection.
  • Added ability to set max_records_returned per database service instead of system-wide.
  • Updated routing to allow for configurable API and storage route. Also made API version optional (api vs api/v2).
  • Fixed OAS3 handling of comma-delimited URL query parameters.
  • Fixed issues with content type handling.
  • Fixed empty header issue in cURL response in remote HTTP response handling.
  • Dropped ‘token’ as a URL parameter. Now use ‘session_token’ or header.
  • Internal changes to move ‘system’ service to its own repo (df-system).